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Vietnam special Food: Vu Dai Fish braising village

Food Tour: Vũ Đại village is well known in Vietnam through author Nam Cao’s novel, Chí Phèo. In the world of gastronomy, the village is also known for its signature dish of braised fish.

Vu Dai Village Braised fish with 16  ingredients
Vu Dai Village Braised fish with 16 ingredients

This product has now come to the world thanks to those passionate about the traditional cuisine.

This footage was played by Google at an international conference in 2014. The clips introduced Vũ Đại village’s signature dish of braised fish. Nguyễn Bá Toàn’s manufacturing company was the sole representative of the Asia Pacific region to be chosen by Google.

Nguyen Ba Toan said: “The first criteria is that the company must be a successful advertiser. Second, the unique traits of the product must be favored by customers”.

“We select fresh black pikes for the dish and cook them in a terracotta pot for 24 hours,” he added.

Vũ Đại village’s age-old specialty has become a bridge bringing elite Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

Based on the lives of some people living in the village, the novel focuses on Chi Pheo, a good farmer imprisoned because of tyrant landlord Ba Kien. After going to prison, Chi is deprived of his human appearance and his life becomes tragic. He turns into a desperate drunken man reacting to life with curses.

Then the scoundrel excluded from society falls in love with Thi No, the ugliest woman in the village, who kindly cooks him a bowl of onion rice soup when he is sick. The action touches Chi’s heart and he seems to be reunited with his true good nature. However, the couple and their love aren’t recognised and once again Chi falls into despair. He kills Ba Kien for revenge and then commits suicide.

In real life, Ba Kien died due to old age. However, Vinh told us about the stormy lives of some people living in Dai Hoang Village at the end of the 19th century, which inspired the writer to create the story.

The State has had a policy to protect Ba Kien’s house since 1988, as it represents the traditional architecture of houses in the northern region with a tiled roof, three partitions, two wings and 16 pillars carved in sophisticated style.

After the tour, tourists get the chance to enjoy the famous speciality of Nhan Hau Village, braised fish, and learn how to cook it.